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Agri-Food Business

Image by Jake Gard

Agrifood is a highly integrated value chain, spanning from upstream farming to food processing downstream. Historically speaking, the agriculture food industry has rarely suffered from any sudden increase in level of uncertainty because of its steady consumption nature, driven by the rise in global population and disposable income. Evidently, global agrifood sales registered a growth of 11% in 2021 and eyeing another 9% increase in 2022. 

Currently, under the post covid pandemic spirit, the agriculture industry has been benefiting from the recovery in food commodity prices. Over the last few years, our company had selectively built up an extensive network of environmentally responsible and sustainable agricultural farmers, farmer cooperatives and downstream processors within Southeast Asia and China region as our partners for quality agrifood sources.

Image by Adrian Infernus

Our Agri-Food Products

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Asian Greens

Asian Greens, also known as Local vegetables are vegetables around South East Asia region

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Roots Vegetable

We focus on red onions, yellow onions, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and ginger

Image by Faran Raufi

Refined White Sugar Icumsa 45


Non GMO Soybeans

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